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Act Instead of React

We often React in Life. Some Situation happens and we interpret them in light of our likes and dislikes. Now, we want to form the situation that fits our likes and dislikes.

Different Approach, Act instead of to react:

In the case of the mind, if you meditate. You breathe. The mind runs around. Gentle you can bring its attention back. That is totally normal, that the mind is running around.
Of course, through a practice, which is firmly grounded, a positive attitude, and a teacher, you can make it steady.
Now when the mind runs away, you can react and follow him..Maybe it presents to you by a friend. From this friend, the mind starts to think about what you did last with him. You remember you were together with him in a restaurant. In this restaurant you remember, you eat Spaghetti. Then you think when was the last time you eat spaghetti. From this point, you remember your grandma. You think then about how your grandma is doing gardening. From gardening, you think about potatoes.
If you look at this chain, the first thought has seemingly nothing to do with the last. You just follow the mind.
If you would act instead of reacting, you gently call the mind for example back with the breath. So it becomes steady over time.
In daily living, you can do this also. Don't react to every stimulus, check where to act based on values and discard the unnecessary.
For example, the mind is like a wild horse. Let's look at the following pictures, my friends:

You see a wild horse. It is running around freely. This can be also called the mind. The mind also runs around freely, as the above-stated example clearly shows. But how to tame the mind as an instrument? You see, a wild horse can run in any direction. The trick is, that it runs in a direction you want, with a good pace. So how to tame the wild horse called mind? (an example)

First, the horse is put into a big area, which is smaller than the wildlife it got. Slowly, you discipline it. Look, to watch the mind and how it behaves. It still runs around. That's no problem. That's the nature of a horse. Also, it is the nature of the mind to think
(run around).

Slowly you give the horse food and make contact, little by little. Also, you can give here the mind food. You can give like sattvic, rajasic or tamasic food. Think, about what thoughts you are feeding the mind and what the result will be. There is like also food, after when you eat it you feel light heavy or your belly is hurting. Decide on a good base on what is good for you.

Now, the mind/horse slowly gets mounted. You can use techniques like Japa to discipline it more. That it gets steady.

After you mounted it, now you can slowly ride it. Not too fast, little by little you can practice the techniques like meditation and samadhi.

If you are experienced, you can ride very fast. You can also do then techniques like samyana and have a stable mind in your daily living, which is most important for making the right decisions.
But remember, to do the daily practice. If you let your horse for like 1 week alone and don't look after it, it will be most likely wild again and you have to completely start over from the beginning. With the daily reading of our publications, you can look after your horse/mind.