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Course in Sanskrit

-Level 1-

Medium of Instructions is English


Purpose of the Course: To teach Sanskrit language from the point of view of Paṇini's
Aṣṭādhyāyī in an interactive mode and made Sanskrit accessible to all who could not
learn it in schools, colleges or Universities. By learning Sanskrit through this method,
participants will also become familiar with Paṇiṇi's technical terms and technicalities
involved in the Sanskrit language. They will be able to read, write and understand the
Sanskrit texts from primary sources. Proper pronunciation of Sanskrit texts and Vedic
mantras also create a good vibration in the body which makes one immune to various
mental and physical problems.

The course is donation based. You give what you can, if you give with right attitude it is more valuable than the biggest treasure. 

The commencement date of the course will be
announced soon.

Who will deliver online classes?

Prof. Ravi Prakash Arya, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Chair, Maharshi Dayanand University, Haryana, India

Time : Classes will be held weekly on Saturdays or Sundays

Modules : The course has been framed into following 24 modules which require 3-6
months duration for its completion depending upon the response of participants in the

Description of modules is as under:
Module 1 : A. Segmental Phonemes
Nomenclature of Sanskrit phonemes
1. Sanskrit Phonemes and their general grammatical classications-vowels,
diphthongs, protracted vowels. Moras (mātrās of vowels) and their
2. Consonants, semivowels, sibilants/fricatives, role of mātrās in the
pronunciation of consonants. Meaning of Halanta and Ajanta.
3. Classification of vowels according to Pāṇini: Basic sounds, dirgha
sounds, guṇa sounds, samprasaraṇa sounds and vṛddhi sounds.
B. Suprasegmental Phonemes (Ayogavāhas) and their pronunciation:
1. Visarjanīya, jihvāmūlīya, Upa-dhmānīya, Anusvāra, Anunāsikya, Yama.
2. Special emphasis on pronunciation of Anusvāra.
C. Compound/Geminate/sequence of Consonants.
Module 2 : The place of articulation of phonemes as per Pāṇiṇi and their classification
Module 3 : Word formation and pronunciation of words
Module 4 : Classification of words as per Nirukta (Nāma, Ākhyāta, Upasarga and
Nipāta); Classification of words as per Pāṇiṇi (Pada, prātipadika and
Module 5 : Gender system of Sanskrit language
Module 6 : Number System of Sanskrit Language
Module 7 : Puruṣa system
Module 8 : Nominal Declensions
1. Declensions of vowel ending masculine nominal stems; Declensions of
vowel ending neuter nominal stems; Declensions of vowel ending feminine
nominal stems
2. Declension of consonant ending nominal stems.
Module 9 : Pronominal Inflections
Module 10 : Sanskrit Numerals and their declensions: cardinal numers and ordinal
Module 11 : Indeclinables
Module 12 : Verbal conjugations.
1. Introduction to Dhatus, Gaṇas, Lakāras and Padas-Ātmanepada &
2. Parasmaipada Affixes and their application
3. Ātmanepada Affixes and their application
4. Lakāras and their classes
5. Gaṇas and their infixes (vikaraṇas)
6. Conjugation of dhatus in various padas, lakāras and gaṇas
Module 13 : Primary derivatives
Module 14 : Secondary derivatives
Module 15 : Other derivatives
Module 16 : Practice of sentence formation-
Use of present tense or laṭ lakāra, optative or loṭ lakāra, future tense or lṛṭ
lakāra, past tense or laṅ lakāra, optative or vidhiliṅ lakāra; use of
indeclinables in sentences; use of primary and secondary derivatives, etc.
Module 17 : Use of Kārakas
Module 18 : Sandhis (Euphonic combinations)
Module 19 : Samasas (Compounds)
Module 20 : Practice of Sanskrit Vākya Prabodha -part 1 by Maharshi Dayanand
Module 21 : Practice of Sanskrit Vākya Prabodha -part 2 by Maharshi Dayanand
Module 22 : Practice of Vidura Niti
Module 23 : Practice of Panchtantra stories
Module 24 : Practice of Hitopadesh

For who is the Course?:

Those who want to read and write Sanskrit and Sanskrit primary texts properly;
those who want to pronounce Sanskrit verses and Vedic Mantras properly; they are
cordially invited to attend this course.

Course Director: Jessica Heinrich

Only the registered participants can participate.

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