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Act on Values -Part 2-

So you can act on Values, let me give some example, how we form a value once more.

If you show a kid a ballon and a 100 Euro banknote, the kid will choose the ballon. Because it got more value for the kid. Without hesitation, it will make this decision.

If you show an adult a ballon and a 100 Euro Banknote, the adult will without hesitation choose the 100 Euro Banknote. Not only because she/he knows, that she/he can buy like 100 ballons with it, but also because his or her values changed through thinking.

Is money then everything? Lets see. For example you see a very fast sports car. Some rich person driving it around. What you think?

The normal reaction is, wow a nice car. That must be very expensive. So the owner/driver must be very happy to have it. The driver must be then a very rich/important person. So what do we do? We assume the value of the car to the person. But how looks this for the person, when he or she notices, that we value her or him for the car in reality?

The driver's value as a person, for being happy is bound to the car. So people superimpose because the car a value on him, he has to take wherever he goes his car with him, to show it to everyone, that they know he is valuable. So, when the car is not present or in the car repair shop, at least he has to show pictures of it and say, well that is my car. So everyone knows his value. In reality, the car is consuming him. Just think. Did he invent the car? No. Did he build the car? No. Does he use the car? Yes. So when he is just a user, why superimpose happiness on him, just for driving something around?
That doesn't mean you can't own a car. It can only be a problem if you identify yourself as the car.
Now, something advanced: Did you invent the mind? No. Did you make your mind? No. Why superimpose a value on yourself, just because you got a mind as a vehicle? Still, you use your mind one step further to superimpose values on people, relationships, things, and more. So instead of giving the mind a value, why not see that the "value" itself is in the observer, that is free from everything, but everything is not free from him?

Think over this as the first step. Pause for a few days and think over this again and again.

Don't let a desire bind you. Then the desire is consuming you and not you the desire (wish)!
Also, some habits/desires make it impossible to fulfill your duty to society. So choose carefully for yourself what will benefit all.

You can free yourself from old values and habits through thinking and activity.

You can decide, what seeds you plant in your garden (mind). You can plant sattvic values, rajasic values or tamasic values. The more you repeat the values, the harder they get to remove and the more they grow in your inner garden.

The Yamas and Niyamas are basically your Values to act for example. Through them, you can easily cultivate a good lifestyle. It is like you do your daily gardening in the garden that all grows well. What are Yamas and Niyamas?

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So after time, you will get the fruits that you planted through your values. Some examples of what can make fruits as values:
Tamasic Values give tamasic fruits:
Drinking alcohol, bad company.
Rajasic values give rajasic fruits:
Doing an activity, making sports.
Sattvic values give sattvic fruits:
Do Meditation, and practice Yamas and Niyamas.
Hint: Rajas is the bridge between tamas and sattva, so you need to cross it for the cultivation of either of the two. :-)
For example, if you follow Yamas and Niyamas it makes you fit for Asana (like bodily Yoga),Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.