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Is HAPPINESS A Happening?

If you look at the word happiness, it is very close to the word happen.

So, do we wait, when it is time to get happy?

When we superimpose happiness on some event, the event is for example limited also by time. So the event is limited.
When want we to be happy? All the time, unlimited not limited. But you want through this an unlimited result out of something limited.
Practical, ask yourself the question:
Now ask yourself the question, when do you want to be happy. 1 Minute? or 2 Minutes? or all the time?
Important thought: Would it be not better then, to place happiness on that what is permanent, instead of what is fleeting?
What is permanent? Think: All that is put together out of parts is not eternal, all that can be perceived also, because between the perceiver and the object is like the process of perceiving. You also got components about it. On top of it, normal then on that impermanent thing something about happiness is superimposed. Is there something that is permanent?
...Just think...

Daily Living:
No one gets out of bed in the morning and thinks, how can I make my day today miserable, one wants to enjoy life. Like also in the Yoga Darsana said:
The visible world is to be there for the enjoyment and emancipation of the soul.
Remember, you relate to things/experiences/people and think they will make you happy. So, when you wait till something is going to happen, you wait in fact for your superimposition on things (relationship to you) to happen, exactly as you want them to be.

Because there are many people, in this world and we have a limited capacity to control things, it is very logical, that it not happens all how we want it all the time. Look just at this river:

The river looks calm. But when we look into it, there are a lots of stones in it.

This means, constantly the water has obstacles in its way. What does it do with the obstacles (stones)? It just flows and just do the minimal dealing with them. The water not unneccessarly spend time with the obstacles, it just flows. The same it is with the flow of life. If you got your values set good, you can just concentrate on them and deal with life.

On what basis do we want something? When we think we going to give something unnecessary up, what doesn't make us happy? Let's see this example (garbage bringing out / smoking). You would never say, that you gave up garbage (the relation to it), because you have here no emotional affection (relation) to it.

So, when we say we give something up, like money, a house a relation etc.. we still have a value for it in our mind!

So how is this emotional affection formed?

So you see, our values are constantly in action. This stream of life is like the flow of water. Constantly flowing. Remember, water is searching for the easiest way to flow. The same is with habits. If you want to change them, you have slowly to change the course of the water. A small stream can become also a river over time. So occupy yourself with good values and people.

Use your thinking capability. If it makes sense what you are doing. Try to think before you do something if it is beneficial to you. If you can't realize it before you do it, try to think about the consequences as soon as possible.

So make it a habit to act, instead of TO react.