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The VaiSeSika DarSana

Vedic Physics and Metaphysics of Existing Universe (English Edition)

The Vaisesika Darsana Picture

Vedic science is observer-centric. There are five senses in a human being. These five senses are the receptors of the five elements of prakṛti (nature). Since the entire creation is a play of five elements, so God has provided only five senses or receptors to a human being who is the highest developed species in the universe. Had there been six elements God would have provided six receptors to human beings. Vaiśeṣika is the physics and metaphysics of the existing universe. It not only defines and describes the material entities but the spiritual entities, i.e. observer and his mind. It also defines, gravity, 4 laws of motion involving solid and liquid substances long before the birth of Newton. It talks about the adṛṣṭa or the ultimate unified force that explains all phenomena involving mind and matter. This is a novelty in all Indian philosophies which try to explain the entire gamut of experiences, not restricting themselves to only the physical part of it as it is done in western science. The present translation is the most authentic translation of the entire Vaiśeṣika Darśana explaining all physical and metaphysical concepts in their true sense.

ISBN-10: 8194759323

ISBN-13: 978-8194759324