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Course in the Vedas

-Level 1-


For those who want to attend lectures to understand and delve deep into the most ancient literature of the world are cordially invited to register themselves on the following links. The course is likely to commence in September. The dates will be announced soon. Only registered participants can participate.

The course is donation based. You give what you can, if you give with right attitude it is more valuable than the biggest treasure.

Course Announcement
We are happy to announce a Level 1 Course in the Vedas. Level 1 is a preliminary course that will introduce the participants to the Vedas, Vedic literature, Components of the Vedas like Mantras, Devetā, Chhand and Musical Svaras, Schools of Vedas, Vedic Interpretations, and peculiarities of various schools of Vedic interpretations-past & present. This course will help the seeker to identify the falsehood prevalently or propagated regarding Vedas and develop a correct and proper view of understanding the Vedas, the ancient literature of humanity, and the Vedic culture, the ancient way of life. This course will prepare the participants to go for an advanced course in the Vedas called a Level 2 course. After successfully attending the Level 2 course, a participant can attend the Level 3 course which will be a specialized course in the Vedas enabling a participant to pursue research work in the field of Vedic studies.

Level 1 course has the following 15 modules:

Module 1: Introductory: What is Veda? Origin and Authorship of the Vedas
Module 2. Documentation of the Vedas, The emergence of Saṁhitā literature
Module 3: Components of the Vedas: Mantra, Ṛṣi, Devatā (Deity),  Chhanda (Metre), Vedic Grammatical Svaras
Module 4: Accent system: Pronunciation of different accents, Accent as a Morphological and Semantic Determinant
Module 5: Vedic Svara (Musical) Meters and Their Musical Notes
Module 6: Authorship of the Vedas: Age of the Vedas, Antiquity of the Vedic Era - A Test of Authenticity
Module 7: Four Vedas and their Recensions/Schools (Śākhās)The Ṛgveda, The Yajurveda, The Sāmaveda, The Atharvaveda
Module 8: Rules of Interpretations and Interpretations of the Vedas
Module 9: Padapāṭha School of the Vedic Interpretation; The utility of Padapāṭha in the interpretation of the Vedas
Module 10: Yājñika School of the Vedic Interpretation:  The subject matter of the Brāhmaṇas, Development of ritualism in the Brāhmaṇas, Later Yājñikās, Significance of the Brāhmaṇas in the Vedic Interpretation
Module 11: The Nairukta School of the Vedic Interpretation: The Nighaṇṭu
Module 12: The Other Ancient Schools of Vedic Interpretation: The Parivrājaka (Mystic) School of Vedic Interpretation, Naidāna School of Vedic Interpretation, Aitihāsika School of Vedic Interpretation
Module 13: Ancient and Medieval Commentators of the Vedas
Module 14: Peculiarities of Modern Eastern and Western Interpreters of the Vedas
Module 15:  Study of some important sūktas (hymns) of the Vedas: Puruṣa Sūkta, Nāsadiya Sūkta, Hiraṇyagarbha Sūkta, Yama-yamī Sūkta, Ṛgvedic Mantras dealing with Solar Eclipse.

Professor Ravi Prakash Arya, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Chair, an eminent Vedic Scholar of the Vedas will deliver lectures covering all the modules. The lectures will be held once or twice a week for the convenience of the participants.

The medium of Instructions will be English

Course Coordinator
Jessica Heinrich

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