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Indian Chronology to Indian History

Indian Chronology to Indian History Picture

So far as the chronology of Indian history is concerned, Indian writers were well versed in astronomy. They have given astronomical dateline everywhere whether it is literary sources or epigraphic records. So, the need is to formulate an ancient calendar so that the dateline given into literature and epigraphic records may be verified and a true chronology of Indian history may be constructed. The present author has made an humble attempt to construct the 7000 years old calendar and has successfully verified the astronomical dateline quoted in epigraphic records, Purunas and other Sanskrit texts to fix the epochs of various events of Indian history and personalities. Hope the present work will be helpful to learned and laity alike for understanding the actual and factual dateline of Indian history.

ISBN-10: 8187710853

ISBN-13: 978-8187710851