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Vedic Value System-A Key to Modern World Crisis (Solution)

Vedic Value System


The whole world seems to be in turmoil. Whole fabric of social life seems to have broken. Families are falling apart. There is no respect among various components of human groups, making the survival difficult. Nations continuously engage themselves in war against each other and within nations, one ethnic group tries to weigh down others to maintain its superiority. In families, generations fight in the name of generation gap, individuals try usurping what may be termed as others' rights. These problems could be solved only by inculcating Vedic value system in the present as well as in the coming generations. Only right values can assure the survival of humanity.The present book is a collection of scholarly articles published in various issues of Vedic Science journal from time to time addressing the key issues haunting the modern society in the light of Vedic value system.

ISBN-10: 8187710942

ISBN-13: 978-8187710943