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New Discoveries About Vedic Sarasvatī

New Discoveries about Vedic Sarasvati



The third revised edition of 'New Discoveries About Vedic Sarasvati, a very famous and popular work of world renowned Vedic scholar Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya on the legendary Vedic Sarasvati is before the readers and the scholars. This third revised edition has many new features. It has been supplied with maps depicting various flows of Sarasvati in various phases right from the Vedic period down to the Mahābhārata period as described in the vast Vedic and post Vedic literature. The earlier editions were devoid of this feature. This edition will help readers and researchers to understand the various misconceptions about Vedic Sarasvatī. This work would also help the archaeologists, historians and other scholars interested in the study of Vedic Sarasvatī to formulate their views and theories on the origin and evolution of Vedic  Sarasvatī as per the description of Sarasvatī available in the Vedic and post Vedic Sanskrit literature. Since Sarasvatī is purely a Vedic concept and as such no one has the moral right to make surmises and postulate imaginary theories without their assumptions being supported by the relevant Vedic and Paurāṇika records. The publication of this third revised edition would help the readers and scholars  to develop a view of Vedic  Sarasvatī in right  and proper perspective.    

ISBN-10: 8187710691
ISBN-13: 978-8187710691