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Jessica Heinrich

Director of Vedic ScienCe

The Director of Vedic Sciences, Jessica Heinrich, is coordinating the goals of Vedic Science under the heart of the foundation in India and its associated Vedic Scholars.

Let's look into her story, the how & why:

She studied in Germany and always loved traveling. So she went to South America for 7 years. Jessica was in charge of international business and international affairs, worked with embassies and achieved everything that one could wish for in life and worked hard for it. But somehow, regardless of the material things and security gained, still there was something important missing. That true feeling of happiness. Then by chance, one day, there was a "Swami" giving a lecture at the university, where she visited some friends. Jessica was amazed that even the last seat for the talk of the swami was occupied. She felt strange magic and happiness around the Swami. She thought: "What does this man talk about, why does he have these orange robes on?", etc.

For Jessica it was as if the swami was like our Swamiji, Swamiji Dayanand Saraswati, who shows magically, what it means to find our true happiness.

Jessica starts to become curious. Can I find true happiness there? By chance, she heard about a Yoga Teacher Training. Without much technology in the jungle of Colombia, she did her one-month training in a tent, near a small stream of water. Like the mind, the water was always flowing, but the practice of Yoga gave her peace. Between wild animals and the harsh environment, she found suprisingly inner peace. This peace called Happiness, which neither any money nor luxury could give she experienced here. The power to quiet the mind.

She finished her teacher training with an award. She took herself into heart, the Dakshina what yoga requests, to use this knowledge and techniques for the well-being of humankind.
So she returned to Germany and lived there in the biggest ashram in Europe. She coordinated here the seminars and gave Yoga Teachers trainings, to make it possible that other people can experience this vast knowledge and happiness and also gave seminars like to introduce people to meditation and yoga.

Furthermore, she studied in depth Ayurveda and is certified Ayurvedic health coach.
During that time she met her husband, who is very enthusiastic about Vedic knowledge. Since then, she is studying and looking forward to implementing these vast techniques and the Vedas in her daily life.
She built up her own business and is showing people a possibility, how they can find their personal Dharma and shine in this world, so that they are ready for experiencing spiritual knowledge.

Therefore she teaches with her own story. Her own life. This knowledge and peace, she also found and experienced through Vedic Science. Jessica's heart wish is to share this knowledge with the world so that people can experience what makes them happy in a true sense.
Curious? Start your journey with us.

She also got a German podcast which is called Transformationsreise. Here she talks about personal and spiritual progress with various guests. If you like to have a guest talk, also in English, feel free to contact us and share your story and goals in life. Jessica speaks German, Spanish, English and directly to the heart of people. :-)

Just click on the picture to listen to it.

If you have any social or humanitarian projects going on and you see your goals similar to Vedic science, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy about your message.