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The Autobiography of a MAHAYOGI

Autobiography Mahayogi Picture

The present Autobiography pertains to a Mahāyogī of the 19th century India, who was the precursor of Indian Renaissance, a great embodiment of Vedic life and thought, a great social reformer and about whom Pattabhi Sitaramayya (1880-1959), an Indian Freedom Fighter and a leader of Indian National Congress once said, ‘If Mahatma Gandhi is the ‘Father of nation’, Maharshi Dayanand Sarsawati will be the ‘Grand father of nation’. This Autobiography pertains to a Mahāyogī who once said:
‘I am not anxious about may salvation. I am particularly anxious for the salvation of those lakhs of people who are poor, weak and suffering. I do not mind if I may have to take birth again and again. I will attain salvation when these poor folks will attain it.’

ISBN-10: 8195227317
ISBN-13: 978-8195227310