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1.) To set up a library of entire published and unpublished Vedic and allied Literature (starting from Vedas till Mahabharata). 1.
2.) To set up a museum containing manuscripts on the Vedas and allied literature in original or in the form of a photocopy. The collection is to be made from various libraries and museums of the world.
3.) To computerize the entire Vedic and allied literature and to prepare Audio-visual aids / CDs of the entire literature.
4.) To edit manuscripts and translate the entire unedited and untranslated works including manuscripts on Vedic and allied literature.
5.) To set up meteorological depts. for rainmaking or preventing undesired rains and forecasting weather following Vedic principles of meteorology as per requirements of the time and places.
6.) To set up an Ayurvedic, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Naturopathic and Yoga health care and research centers To make special efforts towards standardization and quality control of Ayurvedic drugs.
7.) To set up a botanical garden and herbal garden.
8.) To set up departments for researches into Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Astronomy, Sthapathya Veda (Vastu Shastra), Vedic hydrology, Vimanashastra (Vedic aeronautical sciences) Vedic metallurgy, Vedic Architecture and on various other aspects of Vedic sciences.
9.) To set up a Planetarium projecting the Panchamandla Srishti (five phased creation) described in Vedas.
10.) To set up a centre for imparting training and education on Vedic sciences, Ayurveda, Yoga, naturopathy, Vedic Meteorology, Mathematics, and other sciences and Vedic management.
11.) To prepare syllabi for various courses on Vedic sciences and Vedic management.
12. To prepare critical editions of the Vedic and allied works available in more than one editions.
13.) To prepare a Comparative and Critical Encyclopedia of Ancient Commentaries and Modern Interpretations of the Vedas and Allied literature.
14.) To prepare a comparative, critical, philological and historical, a dictionary of the Vedas.
15.) To prepare a bibliography of the research work done so far on the Vedas and allied literature.
16.) To set up Old age homes and Orphanages (Anathalayas) to rehabilitate the senior citizens and orphan children.
17.) To set up Gaushalas to look after and rehabilitate stranded cows.
18.) To set up a Planetarium projecting the Panchamandala Srishti (five phased creation) described in Vedas depicting the Bharatiya concept of time and universal time computation system may also be set up.

Interested persons and Scholars are cordially invited to associate themselves with this project.
Venues of the Centre : For the above purpose different centres would be set up in different countries including India (in Delhi), the parent land for the dissemination of this knowledge throughout the globe in collaboration with the local residents/institutions of the concerned countries. The collaborator will provide the local infrastructure. The foundation will provide expertise.

Current Projects
Proposed Projects
1. History of Science and Technology in India: From Ancient Period to 18th Century AD.
2. Access to the Intellectual Traditions of India as seen through the Sanskrit Manuscript collections of the Libraries and Museums of European Countries and USA.
3. Computerization of British official reports on India ranging from 17th century to 19th Century.
Projects handled independently by Foundation
1. Authentic English  Translation of Manusmriti
2. Authentic English Translation of Suryasiddhatn
3. Authentic English Translation of Siddhanta Siromani
4. Authentic English Translation of Aryabhatiyam

Are you interested or you got an idea how to contribute to peace and knowledge in this way? Then feel free to write us! :-)