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Yogavasistha Sangraha: Nirvana Prakarana (Uttarardha) Chapter 11


The present work titled as ‘Yogavasistha Sagraha’ is the English translation of 11th Chapter of first part of Nirvana Prakarana of Yogavasistha. This chapter is devoted to identify a liberated man. It sheds ample good light on the life and work style of a liberated person. In the present edition, an objective approach has been followed to reflect the actual intention of the original author, rather than reading pre-conceived notions into its verses and projecting his own ideas in the name of meanings of various verses. It has been tried at the level best that the original meaning of the verses of Yogavasistha is not superimposed by speculated meaning and its true sense is plucked out to the gaze of all. Hope this translation will prove first ever attempt to project the true spirit of Yogavasistha in English language. It is also hoped that readers and seekers will be benefited alike with this great philosophical work produced first ever in the history of humankind by the great sage, Valmiki.
ISBN-10: 8187710837
    ISBN-13: 978-8187710837