Indian/International Foundation for Vedic Science                                      Platform for Human Transformation - A Project of 

Birth & Goals of the Society

Indian Foundation for Vedic Science was established 1985 as an academic body to conduct research on Vedas, Vedic Sciences Ayurveda, Yoga, Yajna and allied literature by Ram Narain Arya (1936-2010) an independent innovator of Vedic Sciences.

On 31st August 1999, it was registered as an NGO under the society’s registration act of 1860. In USA and Canada, it was incorporated as International Foundation for Vedic Science by Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya and Ashwini Kumar Rajpal. Vedic Virtual University is a project of the Indian/International Foundation for Vedic Science and Nadi Vaidya Kayakalp to redeem the following aims and objectives :
1. To preserve the ancient Vedic Scientific heritage and culture of India by way of systematically and scientifically editing, publishing and computerizing the entire gamut of the extant Vedic and Allied literature.
2. To unravel the mysteries of the Vedas and the Allied literature.
3. To promote and promulgate the rational and scientific outlook of Vedic seers and scholiasts of ancient India
4. To conduct research into various aspects of Vedic Sciences such as Yoga, Yajna, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Weather modification like Rainmaking, anti-rain, etc. and other Natural and Bio-sciences and to seek their relevance to the modern living.
5. To establish Ayurvedic hospitals, yoga, panchakarma and naturopathic centres all over India and abroad. To carry out research in Ayurveda and publish the research work for the benefit of the entire humankind. Foundation aims to provide cost-effective, side effect-free treatment to one and all and to maintain a peaceful and healthy environment in the world.
6. To function as a nodal international agency for information about the current status of research into Vedas and Vedic Sciences and the stakeholders of Vedic scientific legacy including Individuals and Institutions and to function as a liaison agency among them.
7. To be a competent body of scholars who can authoritatively proclaim decisions and evaluate research in Vedic philology, Vedic exegesis and various fields of Vedic Sciences.
8. To bring together the Vedic scholars who evinced a great deal of interest for promotion of Vedic studies on scientific lines and Modern scientists or scholars interested in Vedic scientific vision to co-ordinate for the synthesis of modern scientific knowledge with the Vedic one so that it may diffuse following the Vedic vision for upkeep, advancement of humankind and not for the ecological crisis, destruction and extinction of humankind.
9. To publish reports of the research work/books on Vedic philology, Vedic exegesis, Vedic history and various aspects of Vedic sciences after careful scrutiny written by various scholars of the world.
10. To collect Sanskrit manuscripts of significant scientific importance for humankind from various libraries and museums of India and abroad and to edit and publish them for the benefit of coming generations. Ram Narain Arya (1936-2010)