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Courses with online lectures

You work per shift or got limited time? We got the perfect solution for you. With our lectures, we will send you weekly a new paper about a choosen topic. Through this, you can learn persistent and steady. You will get reminded weekly about your goal.

Indian Foundation for Vedic Science is pleased to announce online courses on Hindu Chaplaincy, Sanskrit Language, Veda, Vedic Philosophy, and Vedic Sciences, Indian Culture and Civilisation, Vedic Dharma, Yogavasistha, Bhagwadgita, Indian Time Reckoning System (Bharatiya Kaalganana), Astronomy,  Medical Astrology, Vastu, Yoga etc. These courses cover from elementary to advance knowledge of the concerned subjects. The courses have been divided into Certificate course, Associate Degree and Degree Courses based upon elementary to advance knowledge in the field. The desirous persons shall have to enrol themselves at the link given below. They shall be sent lectures through email for various courses. Individuals who do not have any qualification, even the elementary knowledge in the subject can apply for the Certificate course. After doing certificate courses, one can go for Associate Degree course in the same subject and after completion of Associate Degree course, one can go for Degree courses. After successful completion of the course, the candidates will be awarded certificates if they want. If a candidate successfully attends all the three courses (certificate, Associate Degree and Degree) he will be allowed to take up research projects in the concerned courses. His research work will be published by the Foundation. However, these courses intend to develop a seeker spiritually and gain knowledge in the various fields of Vedic wisdom. The interested scholars can attend this course for the sake of enhancing their knowledge in the respective field and for his/her spiritual development.

The courses that are aviable till now are:

Hindu/Vedic Chaplain (prohita or priest), Veda, Bhagwadgita, Nature of Vedic Science and Technology, Yogavasistha, Vedic Dharma, Indian Time Reckoning system, Sanskrit Language, Science and Technology in Mahabharata, Vedic Culture and Civilisation,  Vedic Meteorology, Vedic Microbiology, Dhanurveda, Medical Astrology, Vedic Genetics, Energy in Vedas, Tantra, Yoga, Vastu

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