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Agnishomiya Pashuyaga


Most of the scholars have misconceptions that Vedas advocate animal sacrifice. They are not able to comprehend the Vedic allegories and translate such references of doubtful import literally. Shrauta yajnas of Brahmanas are the most misunderstood and misinterpreted portion of the Vedic literature. Unmindful of the actual intended sense of the Vedic seers, the modern researchers are reading their preconceived notions into such allegorical rituals through their childish literal translations. Thus they are not only confusing themselves but also compelling others to live in ignorance. Agnishomeeya Pashuyaaga is one of the most confusing subjects that need its factual and actual elaboration. So keeping in view of the same idea, the scientific significance of Aginishomeeya pashuyaaga is rendered herewith for the knowledge of our esteemed readers.